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Vaser Lipo for Arms

Vaser liposuction can be used to target areas all over the body. A common place for the treatment to occur is the arms. ‘Bingo wings’, as large and sagging arms are colloquially known, are a perfect area for vaser liposuction. Sometimes no matter how many exercise or nutritional plans you try there are areas of fat that cannot be removed. Changes in body shape are part of getting older, but can affect confidence, which is an important component of mental health.

Brachioplasty and Liposuction

The main options are a brachioplasty or a liposuction. Brachioplasty involves surgical skin removal, whereas vaser liposuction on its own does not involve skin removal. Brachioplasty leaves scarring for up to a year; in some cases it may extend down towards the elbow. For patients requiring brachioplasty the benefits of losing the arm mass outweigh the costs of scarring. This treatment is usually more suited to those who have a lot of excess skin rather than excess fat.

Vaser liposuction uses ultrasonic energy. Waves are fired at fat cells using a special rod known as a cannula. The benefits of this method include less bruising and swelling. Compression methods are also used to drain the tumescent fluid- which contains the local anaesthetic- quickly and safely.

Recovery Is Quick

As it is a minimally invasive practice vaser liposuction mitigates some of the risks associated with other cosmetic or surgical procedures. There is a recovery time of around 3-4 weeks in general, and side effects can and do occur, but with varying degrees of intensity. Most patients recover well and go on to take the necessary steps to preserve what surgery has accomplished.

Skin retraction is not part of vaser liposuction, which itself works by liquidising fat using pulses of ultrasonic waves, however skin and shape are moulded through using compression garments. They are worn for weeks after the procedure and are usually a form of elasticated sportswear material such as lycra.

There is no overnight stay necessary with vaser liposuction, meaning patients can be treated at out-patient facilities and recover at home. Not only does this mean comfortable surroundings are easier to manage, but costs are reduced as there is no overnight hospital stay required.

Quick Return To Work

Time off work is low, with 3 days being enough to see most people back to a light version of their normal routine. Exercise and diet will be important points to track after the treatment. Light stretching and aerobic activities are introduced slowly in order to fill the void where fat has been removed.

If you think that vaser liposuction for your arms is something you would like to consider, be sure to do plenty of research and speak to a medical professional about your options. For more information on vaser liposuction, different treatment areas, after-care, exercise, nutrition and risks, please browse through our other articles.