An introduction to Vaser Lipo

Vaser liposuction treatment is a well-established technology for body sculpting and is a preferred, less intrusive and less painful alternative to traditional liposuction surgery. Vaser treatments are less costly too, and our clients often return to work the next day as there is no need for an overnight stay in hospital following Vaser liposuction procedures.

Health wise, the Vaser Lipo procedure is also less risky for our clients than traditional surgery because there is no need for a general anaesthetic that can lead to complications. It is also very unlikely that a client would suffer major bruising and swelling after Vaser liposuction and treatment time is much quicker. Added to this, more fat is removed in just one session, meaning you can expect significantly noticeable results immediately following the treatment.

Achieving better long-term results

Traditional liposuction has been known to cause unsightly sagging skin after time as the skin loses its elasticity when fat is removed and collagen is damaged. The Vaser technique instead helps to contract and tighten the skin to sculpt the body. It is gentle to the tissue surrounding treatment areas so as not to cause sagging skin but rather leave a smooth, contoured finish.

The Vaser Lipo technique

The Vaser treatment uses ultrasound energy to break up fatty deposits in precisely targeted areas and is gentle to the surrounding tissue, nerves, blood vessels and veins to provide minimal disruption. The gentler techniques and better precision mean that healing time for Vaser clients is much quicker than traditional liposuction, the skin in the treatment area is left looking smoother and your silhouette is more naturally defined.

Female clients enjoy the results of Vaser lipo for problem areas like thin inner thighs (to create a much-desired “thigh gap”), the upper arms (to combat “bingo wings”) and the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks to drop a dress size and enjoy a gently curved silhouette or “hourglass” figure.

All of our Vaser Liposuction treatments are performed by Dr. Bassi, a leading Vaser specialist who is a member of the British Association of Body Sculpting & General Medical Council.

The Vaser Hi-Def & 4D technique

The Vaser Hi-Def & 4D technique offers you a very smooth shape and high definition around muscle groups, creating a sleek, toned silhouette and a more naturally toned-looking body shape than can be achieved with other treatments. The Vaser Hi-Def & 4D technique is performed under local anaesthetic and is a slightly longer procedure than Vaser lipo. Vaser Hi-Def & 4D is best suited to clients that are regularly active and have good muscle tone. Our surgeon can work to the contours of your existing muscle tone to create a more defined look and feel to your shape.

We recommend that several weeks before your treatment you start to increase your level of toning and muscle-building exercise around the treatment area to achieve the very best results.

The Vaser Hi-Def & 4D technique is a popular treatment with male clients as it can be used to complement pectoral and abdominal muscles, creating the much sought-after washboard abs. Our female clients have successfully used Vaser Hi-Def & 4D to support fat loss in the “mummy tummy” area, improve muscle tone, and to add definition and tone to hips and thighs.

Vaser technology

Vaser technology is a form of ultrasound, which has been used for decades in many medical procedures in the UK.

The Vaser ultrasound energy is transmitted to the targeted areas using very thin, solid and grooved probes. The procedure is very safe and uses similar technology to cataract removal techniques. The energy is delivered to the fatty deposits between your skin and muscle, causing fat cells to vibrate, and this action dissolves the fat cells to simply melt the fat to liquid. The liquid fat is then drained from the body through suction and via very small cannulas around the treatment area. Following the treatment any residual fat will be naturally excreted by your body. It’s important to take plenty of fluids following your treatment for this very reason.

Small incisions are made to place the cannulas, however these are just a few millimetres long so rarely scar or bruise and do not require stitches.

Local anaesthetic is administered to the targeted and surrounding areas prior to the treatment so that you will feel minimal pain during the procedure. If you would rather take a general anaesthetic and be completely sedated for your procedure this is possible with Advanced Lipo Centre, however there is an extra cost involved.

Fatty deposits can continue to break down even weeks after the treatment, so Vaser lipo results will often improve over time, especially if combined with regular exercise. We highly recommend vibration plate exercises, massage therapy and cardiovascular activity such as running and swimming.

Vaser Pricing

Because the treatment time is shorter and the procedure need not involve general anaesthetic or an overnight stay, Vaser lipo and Vaser HD is significantly less expensive than traditional body sculpting treatments. What’s more, we offer reasonable finance packages at Advanced Lipo Centre to help you afford the confidence boost that you’re looking for from a better-defined body shape.

Clinic chauffeur service

All of our Vaser prices include chauffeur service to/from the clinic (mainland UK only), with an overnight stay in a local 4* hotel (if needed).

Vaser Lipo and You

Vaser Lipo is the procedure you need if you want to refine your figure and eliminate fat.  From simple improvements in problem areas to major full-body transformations, Vaser Lipo can help you look your very best.

Have you always struggled with weight gain? Are exercise and diet just not cutting it for you? Vaser Lipo is one method to achieve the dramatic transformation you have been looking for all along.  The Vaser Lip technique uses a precise but minimally invasive liposuction technology to deliver the eye catching results you have been looking for. In many cases, results become visible after only one procedure. The Vaser Lipo technique offers a plethora of advantages over traditional liposuction treatments. The procedure is tissue-selective. Therefore only fat is targeted while other tissues are protected from damage. The procedure is equally powerful enough to deal with substantial areas of fat but is gentle on core areas such as the arms and neck. The Vaser Lipo technology has been clinically proven to only provide the best results in treated areas which will leave your skin smooth and your body, beautifully contoured.

Important benefits of Vaser Lipo

  • Refine and emphasise muscle appearance
  • Smoothened skin in the most delicate areas such as arms and neck
  • Easy removal of large amounts of stored fats
  • Production of readily visible results in a single procedure

Vaser Lipo is the best way to remove fatty tissue for aesthetic body contouring.

Important Vaser Lipo Safety Information

Vaser Lipo treatment is not for individuals with chronic medical conditions. These include circulatory system disease, lung disease, heart disease, blood clotting disorders, obesity, diabetes and vascular problems.  It is important that you fully disclose all conditions, past and present, to your doctor so as to better determine if you are a good candidate for Vaser Lipo.

The efficacy of the Vaser Lipo procedure and its safety may also be affected by the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Possibility of pregnancy
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Lupus Erythematosus
  • Excessive stretch marks
  • The possibility of stretch mark formation
  • Presence of collagen
  • Presence of scarring
  • Presence of connective tissue disorders

Advanced Lipo Centre is fully equipped to determine your suitability for the Vaser Liposuction procedure. If you are deemed a suitable candidate, we are also fully equipped to deliver the best possible and long lasting results.

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