Sometimes Vaser Lipo Is The Only Path to Washboard Abs

No matter how many crunches or situps you do or how long you can plank for, sometimes your abs still don’t look like you want them to. Even the most dedicated gym-goers can find themselves frustrated when their bodies don’t respond to exercise like they should, or like they used to. This can be especially clear in the abdomen region, as this is where we expect to see the results of our blood, sweat and tears. A lot of people are the proud owners of a one-pack rather than a six-pack, and even thin people can have issues with their abs, or lack thereof!

Luckily for us, Vaser liposuction treatment is available to help us with just such problems. In a quick and easy procedure, the fat around the abdomen area is melted by probes using ultrasound and vibration energy and then suctioned out. By using Vaser Hi Def techniques, your doctor is able to sculpt the muscle structures in order to chisel out your new six-pack.

abdomen vaser

How to Gain Sculpted Abs

So in theory anyone can have a Vaser liposuction treatment done on their abdomen and walk out with killer abs but, if truth be told, some of us have an advantage over others. You see, with this specific surgery, the better shape you are in before the treatment, the better your results will be. In other words, if you already have a low body fat percentage, you are more likely to have a washboard stomach post-treatment than if you are a bit overweight and have a layer of fat covering your muscles. While the abs may be sculpted underneath, if there’s still fat then nobody will be able to see them!

Basically, Vaser liposuction and Vaser Hi Def liposuction can be used to accentuate and define already-existing muscles in your abdomen. If you are carrying a bit of extra weight, it’ll be beneficial for you to spend some time exercising and eating right to lose as much of the weight as possible, before booking an appointment for the treatment.  If you do this, your hard work will pay off and, what’s more, it’ll be more likely that you’ll keep your new weight and shape after the treatment and not revert back to an unhealthy lifestyle. While Vaser liposuction is one way to help you look and feel more healthy, it’s up to you to make sure you stay that way.