Vaser Lipo for your arms

Our arms are a part of our body which are very often on show. If you like wearing sleeveless tops or dresses, then your arms are going to be a very visible part of your body. This is fine if you have beautifully toned, well-sculpted arms, but many of us don’t and no amount of bicep curls is going to change that. The problem is, it doesn’t seem to matter if we lose weight or put on weight, those bingo wings are there to stay. An arm lift is always an option to deal with sagging or excess skin, but these procedures usually result in noticeable scarring. Thankfully, Vaser liposuction treatment is an easy solution to this awkward issue.
With Vaser liposuction techniques, a few small incisions will be made on your arms, probes will be inserted to melt the fat and the fat will then be suctioned out. Local anaesthetic will be injected into the area to ensure that you do not feel any pain but more of a dull sensation. Because the arms do not usually have a large area to be dealt with, the procedure will be relatively quick. After the treatment, compression garments will need to be worn which may be a bit awkward but it’s definitely manageable. Massage will be important to help with the recovery process, and there are numerous products that are known to be useful in helping with any bruising.

At Advanced Lipo centre our operations are carried out by one of the UK’s leading Lipo Surgery experts; Dr. Bassi who is a member of the British Medical Laser Association & General Medical Council.

How long is the recovery period for arm Vaser Lipo?

In fact, the biggest worry about have a Vaser liposuction treatment on your arms is the recovery period. No matter what activity you are doing, your arms are usually involved. Even if you have a sedentary desk job, your arms are constantly in use during the day. For this reason, it is usually necessary to take a few days off work after the treatment. Wearing the compression garments can make wearing some clothes difficult or uncomfortable and the more your arms are in use, the more likely you are to feel pain. If you are able to stay at home and rest for a few days, you will decrease the risk of your arms being bumped or strained, and you will be able to take pain medication without the fear of falling asleep at your desk! After a few days of rest, you’ll be able to return to work as normal.