What’s The Cost Of Getting Rid Of Bingo Wings?

The upper arms require a lot of physical exercise and work in order to keep those flabby bingo wings at bay. This is traditionally one of the hardest areas of the body to keep contoured and toned. Vaser liposuction treatment is the most effective way of removing excess fat so that the arms look sculpted and perfectly defined.

Although women naturally carry more fat on the upper arms, the problem is also common for men. There are very few people who are sufficiently toned and do not present bingo wings. Getting rid of the excess flabby fat in the upper arms, using the innovative new surgical system of Vaser liposuction, is a cost and time effective procedure that produces precise optimum results with minimal scarring.

Smooth Process

To ensure the best results from the Vaser liposuction arms treatment it is recommended that you increase your upper arm toning exercises for a few weeks prior to treatment. This allows the surgeon to work to the natural contours of your muscles, giving your upper arms sleek definition.

The Vaser liposuction arms cost is relative to the procedure time involved in achieving a smooth and toned silhouette. The treatment removes excess upper arm fat and leaves a slight scar that can be concealed with ease. Unlike traditional liposuction, which draws the fat out via cannula suction, Vaser liposuction emulsifies the fat prior to removal. This means a smooth extraction and less tissue trauma is ensured.

Minimal Expense

The treatment duration time of Vaser liposuction surgery treatment is shorter than standard body sculpting cosmetic treatments, and does not involve general anesthetic or an overnight stay in hospital. The Vaser liposuction arms cost is therefore kept to a minimum, without sacrificing quality of treatment. The best value and most appropriate Vaser liposuction arms treatment starts at just £1,500. With no need to travel abroad you do not incur additional associated costs. To help you achieve sculpted arm definition finance packages are available.

If you have good muscle tone and regularly focus of upper arm exercises Vaser Hi-Def & 4D treatments may be best suited to you. These treatments are performed under local anesthetic and a slightly longer procedure time is required. The Vaser liposuction arms cost will include working to the contours of your defined muscle tone, so that your upper arms are toned to your natural shape.

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