Vaser liposuction treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure which is appropriate for and effective on most body parts. The most popular body parts chosen to undergo the cosmetic surgery procedure are the stomach and the back, but the arms and the legs are not far behind in terms of popularity. What often happens is the patient will decide to come in to focus on their stomach but will realise how simple the procedure is and choose to have their arms or legs done at the same time.

Why would anyone decide to have vaser liposuction on their legs? While the legs may not be the obvious place for people to carry weight, it is often the case that our upper legs (our thighs) are more rounded than we’d like or perhaps are a bit lumpy or bumpy. The problem with issues with our legs is that it can affect our body image in a big way. The majority of clothes we wear are determined by our legs; if our legs are too big we’ll need to buy bigger trousers, skirts and even dresses. What this means is that we end up buying bigger sizes not because we are bigger, but because we have disproportionately bigger legs.

Vaser Liposuction on Your Legs is a Short Process

The advantage of having vaser liposuction on your legs is that generally there is not a lot of fat to be removed. This means that the vaser procedure doesn’t take very long. In fact, the procedure can be so simple that sometimes you are even standing during the operation! If it’s possible for you to stand while the doctor is performing vaser liposuction surgery, then the operation can’t be that bad! Also, the recovery doesn’t take too long either. While you may be swollen for a few weeks afterwards, wearing compression garments will help with this and it’s easy to wear normal clothes which can cover these garments while you need to wear them.

After a few months, the real effect of the vaser liposuction will be visible as all the swelling will have completely disappeared. Now your legs will be smoother and smaller. You will be able to wear shorts or skirts without any embarrassment about the state of your legs. In summer you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of wearing a swimsuit without feeling self-conscious. So while the legs may not be the first body part to be considered for vaser liposuction, it is usually a good option if you are looking for a small way in which to improve your general appearance.