Get to know the Vaser lipo process before making your decision

Taking the decision to have a Vaser liposuction procedure is not an easy one and should not be taken lightly. Any surgical procedure carries with it risks and costs which need to be considered, and Vaser liposuction is no different, and you should always look at the pros and cons before you make your decision. From our experience, the most important factors to consider are results, safety and cost.
Firstly, the results. Results are important because that is the reason you would undergo such a treatment. If you cannot be guaranteed the results you want, there would be no reason to go through with the procedure. The results of Vaser liposuction speak for themselves. The short procedure time and the use of local anaesthetic means that results are visible immediately after the procedure and will only improve with time, and not degrade as with other procedures which can often result in sagging skin. If the recommended exercise and eating plan is followed after the procedure, the results will be even better than expected.

Is Liposuction Safe?

Then, safety. The fact that only local anaesthetic is used means that there are reduced risks of complications from the anaesthesia. The shorted procedure time also reduces the risk of complications. In terms of pain, during the procedure, you won’t feel much because of the anaesthetic and after the procedure there might be a bit of bruising and swelling but that will soon fade.
Finally, cost. Vaser liposuction is a cheaper alternative to other liposuction and body sculpting treatments for a number of reasons. Using local anaesthetic reduces the cost, while the resulting shortened recovery time means that less time is spent away from home or away from work. The results of the Vaser liposuction treatment are also long-lasting so it will not be necessary to undergo further procedures, as it is with other treatments.
Ultimately, undergoing a Vaser liposuction procedure is often a matter of self-confidence and self-image. These are very important factors for your emotional health and any decisions taken in this regard need to be considered carefully. However, if you weigh up the pros and cons of Vaser liposuction, you will realise this is an effective, cost-effective and safe procedure.