How long does it take to recover from Vaser Lipo?

With any surgical procedure you can expect a period of time necessary for your body to recover. With Vaser liposuction this recovery time is minimal. This is because during the procedure it is only necessary to use local anaesthetic and not general anaesthetic. As a result, it is usually not even necessary to spend the night in the hospital; you can go home after a few hours. In fact, a large number of patients who have undergone the treatment, have gone back to work the very next day, though it is usually recommended that you stay off your feet for as long as possible. The first week of recovery is the most crucial, so it makes sense to do as little as possible during this time so as not to jeopardise the healing process. However this is not to say that you have to lie flat on your back, but you just need to be careful of your movements.
During the first few days it is necessary to only engage in light activity and not to overexert yourself, so if you have an energetic job you will need a few more days to stay at home, but if you have a deskjob there is no reason why you should miss more than a day of work. At the same time, even if you feel able to go back to work it is still important to do as little as possible.

The Initial Stages of Lipo Recovery

During the initial stages of recovery, you usually wear special compression garments to help the skin contract. These will also help to make you feel more comfortable. Your doctor will recommend a gentle exercise plan and a healthy diet to speed up the recovery time and improve the results. Regular massage is a good idea to treat any swollen areas and speed up the recovery process. Every couple of weeks you will need to attend a check up with your doctor to make sure everything is proceeding according to plan.
Just as each patient’s treatment plan will vary according to their needs and wants, so their recovery time will vary according to their treatment plan. Factors such as the size of the area treated, the patient’s health before the treatment and their usual activities can all affect how long it will take your body to recover completely. Rest assured, though, the recovery from a Vaser liposuction treatment will be bearable and all worth it in the end.

All of our Vaser Liposuction Surgery is carried out by one of the UK’s leading Vaser specialists Dr. Bassi, who is member of the General Medical Council and the British Medical Laser Association.