Cosmetic surgery covers a wide range of procedures but currently the most popular procedure is liposuction

Cosmetic surgery has been popular for decades and the trend for undergoing cosmetic procedures shows no sign of slowing down. What’s more, the UK is becoming the top destination for cosmetic procedures because of the calibre of our doctors and the high quality of our clinics.
So, while liposuction is extremely popular, this popularity does not extend to traditional liposuction procedures. Traditional liposuction usually involves long operation times, high risks and complicated recoveries. Burn wounds are common and often the results of the treatment are nullified a few years after the fact by sagging skin or unsightly scars.
This is the reason Vaser liposuction techniques are now the preferred method of liposuction for doctors all over the world. Vaser liposuction uses very advanced technology to ensure that the patient experiences the trauma of surgery for as little time as possible, while also being able to target very specific areas so as to avoid damage to any other body part besides the fat cells. The procedure itself is quick and easy and this results in a short recovery time and minimal side effects.

Vaser Lipo Utilises Ultrasound Technology

The technology utilised by Vaser liposuction is simple yet effective. Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy which breaks down fat cells through vibration. It uses a low level of ultrasound energy and as a result incurs minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. This ultrasound energy will cause the fat to melt and it can be removed with cannulas (hollow tubes). Because of the reduced time under anaesthetic and under operating conditions, the whole procedure is less traumatic to the patient, not only physically but emotionally too. At the same time there is the added bonus of having a relatively short recovery time and having the results visible immediately. In other words, there is no need to disrupt your entire life for a medical procedure.
In a nutshell, a gentle, non-invasive procedure, short treatment and recovery time and minimal side effects are what make this treatment so popular. The fact that is has been so successful for so many people is just yet another reason to consider Vaser liposuction treatment. But possibly the best indication of the quality of this treatment is that doctors themselves are calling Vaser liposuction the “gold standard” of all liposuction techniques, and who are we to argue with the experts?