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Vaser liposuction works by liquidising fat using ultrasonic frequencies. The treatment only removes fat, it does not tighten skin, unlike cosmetic surgeries such as a tummy tuck. To tighten skin you need patience, time and application.

If you have vaser liposuction on an area of body prone to loose skin, such as the upper arm, stomach or neck you will be more likely to encounter loose or baggy skin following the procedure. To combat this you can take several steps.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is a big item on the list. By engaging in regular exercise, circulation is elevated thus bringing nutrients to the skin more easily. Precautions should be taken in the weeks following surgery, but, light, brisk exercise is essential to a speedy recovery- not too much, not too little, Goldilocks’ recovery plan.

Once you have healed more, lifting weights will help to build and tone your muscles. This will fill out the space left by the fat and restore elasticity to the skin. Choose exercises that target the specific body area. Squats and lunges work well for your lower half, while dips and push ups are good body weight exercises for your upper half. Yoga is another useful activity for tightening skin, as it tones and builds strength through stretching.


Staying hydrated at all times is essential to healthy skin, so make sure you keep taking on fluids. Aim for a pint an hour. Your liver will be functioning at its best when hydrated. As this organ keeps your skin moisturised it is essential to drink plenty.

Use Off The Shelf Products With Caution

There are a whole host of lotions which will claim to tighten skin. Treat most of these products with a healthy amount of skepticism. Your skin type may require different essential oils in different amounts. Look out for lotions that contain vitamin E and vitamin A as these can help. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant, thus preventing skin damage; Vitamin A acts by encouraging the production of collagen. If you’re able to get out in the sun do that also, Vitamin D is the only vitamin the body can synthesize through sunlight.

Massaging skin daily will encourage circulation, again bringing nutrients to the skin. Use firm pressure on the area for two or three minutes.

By following these guidelines you can develop a personal plan that will return results. The quick part is over once you have vaser liposuction. Maintaining that body shape requires a different approach that unfolds over months and years.

There are non-surgical cosmetic procedures to tighten skin. Radio-frequency waves can be applied to the loose skin, tightening it from the inside. Body contouring surgery is also an option. Vaser liposuction has the advantage of sculpting whilst also improving the fat removal conditions.