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Here at Advanced Lipo Centre, we know there are a multitude of benefits to having liposuction – and we want to communicate them all to our clients, so they understand exactly what they stand to gain from undergoing one of these procedures.

So here we are – the advantages and benefits of having Vaser liposuction surgery, by the experts here at Advanced Lipo Centre. Enjoy!

Increased self confidence

This is the major reason why many people turn to liposuction in the first place. Feeling insecure about your body is almost like being imprisoned – many people feel they can’t go out in public, or they can’t wear the clothes they want. Other individuals worry that they may be taunted, and some develop body image issues that affect their mental health.

Liposuction is a great, fast solution for those who suffer from low self-esteem. By undergoing Vaser liposuction, patients can shape and contour the parts of their body that they dislike most, giving them a new lease of life when they come out of the clinic. We’ve had many clients return to us to tell us that liposuction has changed their life for the better and given them confidence they never knew they had in them!

Pursuing a healthier lifestyle

Many people that are overweight find it hard to pursue a healthy lifestyle, purely because they feel the results are so far away. It’s hard to remain motivated when it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. Liposuction helps give overweight individuals a kick-start in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. They might be happier about going to the gym because of their new figure, or they might feel confident enough to take up a new hobby because they’re not focused on their body hang-ups. The feeling of their svelte new shape might also be enough to put them off sugary treats and unhealthy snacks!

Clothes fit better

When people have liposuction, many of them find that they can suddenly choose from all of the clothes in a shop, rather than heading for the ‘plus-size’ section in one corner. By having fat removed from the stomach, thighs, hips or arms, patients might find they also drop a few clothes sizes – so they need to kit out their wardrobe with fashionable new garments! Breathing new life into your wardrobe is a great way to boost confidence, and is another happy side-effect of liposuction.